the BEST way to get back in shape and stay healthy.

getting healthy doesn't have to be difficult!

You've probably tried a ton of things to get your health under control - restrictive diets, expensive supplements, horrible tasting shakes- you name it, but it still hasn't worked.

You're tired of trying because they haven't done anything to change your health for the better. In fact, you might even be worse off for having done them.

You know your health is vital and if you're anything like I was, you might be scared.

I was so desperate!

I decided to do the exact opposite of everything I had tried in the past. I began changing my habits.

I wasn't going to diet.
I wasn't going to restrict.
I wasn't going to do exercises that I hated.
I wasn't going to pop diet pills.
I wasn't going to drink shakes instead of eating.

I was going to do it different this time. And this time it worked!

lost 125 pounds, but best of all, I created a new lifestyle.

I love and am so committed to this healthy lifestyle that I have become a health coach and personal trainer. I now teach others step-by-step how to transform their lives.

Not only did this step-by-step plan work for me it worked for these people, too.

"My heaviest was 247.  I stepped on the scale last week and it is 179.  This has been a long time project for me. Cindy's encouragement, constant pushing me to do a bit more...has helped tremendously in getting me to where I am right now." 


"I lost weight and have kept it off for several months.  I even completed a half marathon." 


"I'm diabetic and my HA1C last year was 7 something, today its 5.8! I've been working hard with my diet and want to thank Cindy for wonderful guidance." 



because you're ready to get your life back and feel amazing!

5 days

The Jumpstart will take you from where you are -  

to where you want to be -

on your way to living your healthiest life!


Get the structure and support you need to get on track.


Boost your power levels. Become more productive and less stressed.


Get back to feeling incredible and enjoying your life.

just imagine how it would feel if you could...

Lose Weight

almost effortlessly, without feeling hungry or deprived, instead of suffering through another fad diet that isn't realistic and doesn't take your health into consideration.

Get your health back

-the way it used to be- and build the habits that will keep you on track.

Have amazing energy

and vitality, without drinking tons of coffee or energy drinks just to get through the day and feeling sluggish all the time.

Eliminate intense cravings

naturally, instead of trying to "willpower" your way through and feeling deprived.

Enjoy a variety of delicious foods

that is simple to make and tastes so good your entire family will be asking for more, instead of eating a separate "diet" meal for yourself.

Spend less time in the kitchen

with specially prepared-for-you meal plans & shopping lists that make cooking a breeze. Plus, you'll get tips to organize your pantry and refrigerator so you will finally enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

Sign up and revolutionize your health!

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have you ignored your health and taken it for granted?

don't put it off and let a day become a decade.

This is how you're going to do it




Learn how to navigate the grocery store and shop healthy



Incorporate 5 daily habits that will transform your health.



Begin to nourish your body and eliminate cravings.



Enjoy exercise that makes you feel amazing instead of exhausted.



Change the trajectory of your health by continuing with the habits.

This is how  WE'll  HELP YOU

Daily Emails

You'll receive a daily email with your Healthy Habits Jumpstart inspiration, tip, and encouragement for the day.


You'll get short video tutorials and incredible bonuses to help you implement your Healthy Habits.

Meal Plans & Recipes

You'll receive 5 days of delicious plant-based meal plans tailored to balance your macros for optimum health, so you don't have to wonder if you're eating right.


There is something incredible about being able to connect, become motivated and get the support you need when you are trying something new. You will have access to a private group where you can get support any time you want.


$10.00 VALUE

Complete the 5 Day Healthy Habits Jumpstart and a survey and you'll receive an amazing BONUS to help you continue living your healthiest life, valued at $10!  So, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You will receive a DIGITAL COPY of The 5 Day Healthy Habits Jumpstart™

Meal Plans - including snacks and desserts
Grocery shopping lists
Easy-to-follow recipes

You will receive access to on-demand videos and any guides and workbooks for any videos

Access to a Private Support Group
BONUS-Complete the 5 Day Healthy Habits Jumpstart™ and receive an amazing bonus valued at $10!

How to stock your pantry and kitchen for success

How to plan healthy meals you will love

How to get started eating plant-based, handle cravings, and choose the best foods to optimize your health

How to prepare plant-based food and make it taste delicious

How to set realistic goals and crush them

How to incorporate movement into your life that you enjoy

How to properly hydrate and the benefits of staying hydrated

How to continue your progress for a healthy, happy, and energized life

This is not a book, it is a comprehensive course known as The 5 Day Healthy Habits Jumpstart™. Please keep in mind that some materials are delivered digitally in PDF format.

5 Day Healthy Habits Jumpstart


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